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Are You Ready To Have All The Work Of Picking The Winners Done For You?

Are you flat out busy every day, working longer and longer hours? Do you have NO SPARE TIME left over to watch or learn about the Stock Market?  Are you looking for credible & reliable assistance to help you select WHICH shares to buy for your Investment Portfolio – and WHEN……? 

Then Warrior Traders’ ‘Done-for-You’ Signals Service* is your key.

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RM 5888 per annual
  • Trade Ideas (4-5 Signals per week)​
  • Exclusive Info & Insider News

GOLD Channel

RM 2888 per annual
  • Members Chat Room
  • Trade Ideas (1-2 Signals per week)​​
  • FREE 1 Month Trial on Premium Channel​
  • FREE Guide to Filter Stocks of Your Choice​
  • FREE Indicators To Detect "Hot Money"​

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

We  offer 3 Signals Services. Short, medium to long term trading signals.

Diversify your investment. You should invest in multiple sectors as they say ”Don’t put all your egg in one basket.”

You should not get carried away with the small profit or loss.
you should know your risk appetite. Keep your emotions out of the market as emotions lead to wrong decision and loss.

Our professional traders relentlessly analyze the markets during the trading hours for the best trading opportunities. Whenever a potentially profitable trade is entered our clients receive a telegram message update with all the key details; entry price, stop loss and take profit, etc.

Our clients then simply copy the signals we provide and place risk-free, profitable trade on their trading account.

We will provide you signals with the defined targets and stop loss, all you need to do just make the order according to our tips. These tips lead you to much more profitable trades, we said earlier these tips are provided after in depth technical and fundamental analysis.

It depends on you risk appetite, to new traders we suggest to invest in small amount in multiple sector.

This means buying a stock, watching it drop and then buying more shares, resulting in a lower average price

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